Welcome to JFL!

We're JFL Peripheral Solutions, a software development corporation with many years of experience in document imaging, TWAIN, and related custom software development.

If you're looking for our ObjectTWAIN ActiveX scanning toolkit, click the related link on the left.  You can download a fully functional copy of ObjectTWAIN that you can use to determine whether it meets your needs or not.  We trust that it will!

TWAIN is a standard for image acquisition, and we're on the TWAIN board of directors.  We know TWAIN.  We also know about many other areas of custom software development in the document imaging field - we've written TWAIN drivers for many scanners, as well as full applications like the recently-released MicroDAX 5.0.  If you're looking for custom software development, contact us for information on our services or have a look at the Software Development section of our website.




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