About JFL

JFL Peripheral Solutions provides Custom Software Development, Toolkits, Licensing and Consulting Services. These services and products are backed by extensive programming experience with 16 and 32 bit Windows Applications and Drivers. JFL also has expertise working with the TWAIN protocol and SCSI devices and has successfully completed projects in these areas for some of North America’s key high tech companies.

JFL also sells a number of toolkits and development products to make writing TWAIN-compliant applications easier, including ObjectTWAIN.  We've made ObjectTWAIN available as an ActiveX component for any VB, VC or .NET developer to use in any application.

JFL works to high standards and constantly adapts to changing technologies, needs and markets with customer satisfaction a top priority.

JFL is a privately owned corporation operating in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

JFL Peripheral Solutions is an active member of the Board of Directors of the TWAIN Working Group and Chair of the Toolkit Sub-Committee.


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